Our Milk Gives You Bigger Breasts, Insists Chinese Coconut Milk Brand

Chinese brand Coconut Palm has reprised their innuendo-filled ad campaign suggesting that their product gives drinkers bigger breasts

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9:53 PM HKT, Thu February 14, 2019

Gentle reader, are you sitting down? This just reached our news desk: breasts are trending on the internet.

In 2017, Coconut Palm — a coconut milk brand from southern China — launched the campaign that raised a thousand eyebrows, with a slew of ads alleging that drinking their milk gives you “whiter skin, bigger breasts, and more curves.”

They’re back at it again in 2019. This year’s TV ad features attractive women jumping up and down on a beach, and reading phrases such as “从小喝到大”, which could be interpreted as “Drink it from youth to grown-up” or “From small to big through drinking”.

If only it were that easy.

Images: Weibo

Meanwhile print ads featuring attractive women along with phrases like, “A cup of coconut milk a day will make you attractively curvy, white and plump” (“每天一杯椰树牌椰汁,曲线动人,白嫩丰满”) are getting snapped and slammed by scandalized netizens.

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Image: Weibo

Said one Weibo user, “This confirms the power of advertising. After seeing this ad, I don’t want to drink this brand again.” The hashtag “Coconut Milk ad makes me vomit” (“#椰树椰汁广告吐吐槽#”) has since been trending on Weibo.

The company is reportedly now under investigation for false advertising and vulgarity.

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