Pharrell Williams to Perform at Alibaba’s Singles’ Day Gala (Also: RADII’s November Theme is “Single Life in China”)

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4:00 PM HKT, Wed November 1, 2017

Starting this month, RADII will take a page from the playbook of offline publishing and build a series of stories around a rotating monthly theme. The theme for November 2017:

Single Life in China


November, of course, includes Singles’ Day, a holiday celebrated on 11/11 that was willed into existence in the early ’90s by young China’s collective purchasing power, and in recent years has been transformed into a bona fide cultural event by e-commerce giant Alibaba, among others. We’ll be at Alibaba’s official Singles’ Day countdown gala to catch Pharrell and report on how the holiday is being observed in 2017, and we’re developing a few more stories to fit the theme, but we also want to hear from you:

Do you have a weird Tantan (or Tinder, or Grindr) experience worth sharing? How is dating different in China vs elsewhere? How does your view on dating and marriage differ from that of your parents? Are you a Taobao ninja anxiously twitching with thumbs ready to exploit the coming Singles’ Day shopping deals?

Hit us up at [email protected] with your ideas, we’d love to enlist you to tell your stories from the trenches.

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