Photo of the day: Before Midnight…

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9:39 PM HKT, Sat November 11, 2017

Our photo theme this week: Singles’ Day Fever. Wild ads, e-commerce madness and other virtual ephemera surrounding the consumer-tastic November 11 holiday for all the lonely hearts out there.

Speaking of that Durex x Ali Health pop-up — the condom brand has a knack for turning out witty, racy, sometimes controversial ads in China. Here’s one they like to run around Singles’ Day, as young spenders all around the country wait for the clock to strike midnight and the buying frenzy to begin in earnest:


The only way to stop her from shopping at this moment

“Of all the brands using digital and social media to compete for the attention of China’s 668 million internet users,” writes AdAge, “Durex has emerged as the master of witty, shareable content. That’s partly because regulations on traditional advertising in China forced consumer goods giant RB to get creative after it took over Durex in 2010.”

If you’re interested in this kind of thing, check out an interview with the China marketing director for the Durex’s parent company RB here.

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