Photo of the Day: Kris Wu Selling McDonald’s Value Menu

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4:00 PM HKT, Mon August 28, 2017

Happy Monday! This week’s photo theme is: Kris Wu selling shit.

Kris Wu is an actor and former member of K-pop boy band EXO. He’s the host of the new reality show The Rap of China (中国有嘻哈), which is insanely popular. He is everywhere.

Above, he is on a bus stop in Beijing selling a new suite of lemon-themed McDondald’s snacks for 10元 (a buck fifty) apiece. McDonald’s China has a whole page devoted to this promotion, which is clearly built off the unexpected success of The Rap of China (the headline on that link reads “Hip hop snack updgrade, 10元 eat eat eat!”).

street art nuggets

Not my favorite Chinese fast food plug by a former member of EXO to come out this summer — that honor goes to Luhan’s ad for KFC’s China-exclusive fried chicken x pizza hybrid, “Chizza” — but still, looking good Kris Wu! See you in six more ads this week.


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