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7:36 PM HKT, Sat April 21, 2018 1 mins read

In celebration of International Record Store Day, which falls on April 21 this year, our photo theme this week is Record Shopping in China. Though vinyl culture never quite caught on China in quite the same way as it did in other parts of the world, it’s on the rise. This week we’ll put the spotlight on some of the best shops in China to pick up new tunes.

Out in the shadow of the Tencent and Microsoft buildings in Shenzhen’s Software Industrial Base one can find two havens for record lovers: M Hotel and Vinylhouse. Vinylhouse — which is unrelated to Vinyl House in nearby Guangzhou — acts as the city’s best vinyl store/bar, and also sells DJ accessories for interested folk.

In the same building is a vinyl-themed lodging called M Hotel (pictured up top). Though it only opened recently, M Hotel has attracted quite a lot of interest for its inclusion of LPs in rooms that are categorized into genres such as Jazz, Pop, and Classical. On any given day you can walk into the lobby and spot musical visitors plucking away on guitars.

Also of note on Shenzhen’s vinyl-slinging scene is Old Heaven. Located in the city’s OCT Loft art complex, this charming space from the same owners as adjacent live venue B10 combines a cafe with a shop selling a host of records, cassette tapes, CDs, and books — all with an independent/alternative slant.

Old Heaven’s Record Store Day event will actually take place on Sunday, when all experimental vinyl records will be 20% off and Goat will play an in-store DJ set.


Floor 8, Block 2A, Software Industrial Base, Shenzhen

深圳, 南山区, 软件产业基地2栋A座812

M Hotel

Floor 19-20, Block 2A, Software Industrial Base, Shenzhen

深圳, 南山区, 软件产业基地2栋A座19-20层

Old Heaven

No. 120, Block A5, Section 2, OCT Loft, Shenzhen

深圳, 华侨城创意园2期A5栋120号

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