Photo of the day: Plastic Body Parts in Yiwu

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4:00 PM HKT, Wed September 13, 2017

Continuing this week’s photo theme — Things in Yiwu.

Developing in parallel with the e-commerce explosion in nearby Hangzhou, Yiwu has, over the last 20 years, become ground zero for “Made-In-China Opportunities”:

With just a few decades, Yiwu has grown from a nameless Eastern China county to a rich e-commerce city that is dubbed as the world capital of small commodities. With solid infrastructure investment and advanced business operation, Yiwu is becoming a warehouse for world small commodities consumers.

Radii founder Brian Wong recently took a group of students to Yiwu and discovered that among the small commodities mass produced in the city are plastic replicas of dismembered human limbs:

And maybe fake butts at the bottom there? Can’t tell, the photo kinda crops them out. Anyway… Happy Halloween!

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