Photo of the day: Qian Zhuang’s Map

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4:00 PM HKT, Fri March 16, 2018

This week’s photo series is “CELEBRATE WOMEN” — directed by Nicole Chan, with support from other talented photographers. Women respond to the question “What empowers you?” in these raw, minimalist portraits.

“Dreams come out of experience, memory loss comes out of drinking wine and strength comes out of travel. What comes out of you?

Maybe everyone has one’s own opinion about life, and I think life is about travel.

I prefer the word “drifting”. It sounds more unrestrained, free, and chivalrous.

I like snow-capped mountains, stars, and the healthy feeling of fatigue after tramping over hill and valley;

I like museums, monuments, ancient buildings and the historical feeling of seeing the real antique after days of hard work;

I like looking for local snacks under the guidance of navigation;

I like to be called sister in the south and girl in the north;

I like to prepare traveling to a destination and enjoy it with friends in the run-in;

I have worked for 5 years and left home for 10 years.

As an Aries, travel has become an escape from the monotony of life and work.

I prefer a life with not so much gain and loss, but more and more experiences.

I prefer a deep life to a long one.

I hope travel could always be my antidote, not a poison.”

– 庄倩 Qian Zhuang, photographed by Chen Chen, Chongqing, China, 2018

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