Photo of the day: Techno Producer SHAO Gets Deep at SXSW

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11:30 PM HKT, Thu March 29, 2018

This week’s photo theme is China at SXSW 2018: a visual recap of a few bands and artists that represented at the first official China showcase to be held at long-running Austin, TX music industry conference South by Southwest. I was at the event as my band SUBS was one of the featured artists, and this week I’ll share some snaps from the front row.

Bonus points to Li Hongjie and MTA Festival, organizers of the event, for putting together an eclectic lineup to show off different aspects of the Chinese music scene. After the driving, nervous energy of openers FAZI and the comparably mellow, tuneful performance by Moxizishi and crew, the night took a deeper turn as Beijing techno stalwart SHAO (fka Dead J) performed Doppler Shift, a set that he’s been peddling around the world for several years now, and which was partially set on wax in the form of a 2015 7″ single released by Berlin club/label Tresor in 2015.

SHAO also got a special shoutout from SXSW’s official social media channels:

Nice! Listen to Doppler Shift Pt. 1 here:


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