Photo of the day: Singles’ Fruit Salad

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6:00 PM HKT, Tue November 7, 2017

Our photo theme this week: Singles’ Day Fever. Wild ads, e-commerce madness and other virtual ephemera surrounding the consumer-tastic November 11 holiday for all the lonely hearts out there.

Singles’ Day isn’t until Saturday, 11/11, but all around China, young people are already preparing to reap the bonanza of wild digital deals to be had during this pretty much brand-new holiday. For its part, Alibaba’s T Mall platform has peppered Beijing with ads hinting at what glorious gifts await, such as tricked-out VR kits and the above, a veritable cornucopia of fresh fruit, just waiting to be diced and mixed together into the ultimate singles’ fruit salad. Also a lobster and some pijiu to spice things up. It’s singles’ day, treat yourself!

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