Photo of the day: Warhol in VR

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4:00 AM HKT, Fri October 20, 2017

This week’s photo series comes from the students and alumni of NYU Shanghai. We’re looking at how people from China and around the world come to understand their new home via images.

Today’s photo shows a recent piece by Marjorie Wang and Baaria Chaudhary, NYU Shanghai alumni and co-founders of the New York-based mixed reality studio intern019.

Marjorie says about this image:

Before we incorporated, Baaria and I collaborated on a number of projects at NYUSH, one being The Last Star System, a virtual reality game exploring a planetary amusement park at the corner of our galaxy. The user journeys to a number of surrealist planets, including a Warhol-inspired soup can planet and a cave full of gesturing, glittering hands.

Read more about Marjorie and Baaria’s work here:

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