Photo of the Day: Yangshan’s Growing Deep Water Port

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9:28 PM HKT, Wed August 1, 2018

Our Photo of the Day series this week shares photos of impressive modern megastructures in China.

Yangshan Port, located in Hangzhou Bay just south of Shanghai, has been described as “the largest infrastructure project in the world” and has enough berths to allow it to handle 15 million of the world’s biggest container ships each year. In 2015, the port processed 36.54 million shipping containers.

The port features computer assisted cranes and vehicles to manage loading and unloading of containers, with roughly about one container unloaded every 3 minutes. That’s faster than cooking your average instant noodle.

The port itself is situated on an island and is connected to the mainland via the 32.5 km Donghai Bridge. This bridge was, in 2005, the longest sea bridge in the world. It took 6,000 construction workers two and a half years to finish.


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