Pizza Hut’s Controversial Cilantro, Preserved Egg, and Pork Blood Pizza

A deliciously divisive new offering

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11:35 PM HKT, Fri July 2, 2021 1 mins read

Pizza Hut in Taiwan recently launched a new flavor combo that’s raising eyebrows and stirring up the internet. Adapting to the local palate is an ever-present feature of this food franchise, with previous menu innovations such as a boba milk tea pizza and stinky tofu pizza.

This one though, is something else! Pizza Hut Taiwan has just released a “century egg, cilantro, and pork blood cake” pizza with mozzarella cheese topping.

Pizza Hut Taiwan's promo image

“Admit it, you LOVE cilantro!!!” Image via Pizza Hut Taiwan’s Facebook Page.

What Toppings Now???

Two of these three things may be new to you. Century eggs (铁蛋) are preserved eggs, often served with congee as a topping or eaten with tofu, soy sauce, and cilantro as a cold appetizer. These eggs have a black, Jell-o-like outside, and an emerald green inside with a chewy texture. A local favorite, but definitely an acquired taste.

Pork blood cake (猪血糕) is a steamed patty of pork blood binded with sticky rice. It’s similar to other blood-based foods found across the world, and have a strong taste. They have a nice chew like Japanese mochi. Pork blood cake usually are eaten with coriander and peanut powder.

Netizens React to Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut’s facebook post confidently claimed that all of these ingredients actually come together beautifully once combined with mozzarella, but the response on social media have been mixed, with some calling it “not the fusion we asked for…” while others regard it simply as a marketing stunt.

Putting what amounts to a congee topping and a street snack together is quite the combination. Pork blood, peanut powder and cilantro are a tried-and-true local pairing. But cilantro is a controversial ingredient. A small portion of the world with a certain gene actually taste soap when they smell or taste cilantro leaves.

Some on social media claim these clashing flavors work well together, while others warn that it’s “a coriander pizza with some rubber cubes on it.”

Cover image via Pizza Hut Taiwan’s Facebook

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