Porsche is Debuting its First Laptop in China, It Looks Fancy

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1:18 AM HKT, Thu September 28, 2017

Today in fancy stuff geared to rich Chinese consumers: the Porsche Design Book One. Get a load of this bad boy’s very auto-flavored PR description:

The Porsche Design BOOK ONE is an uncompromising reinterpretation of the 2-in-1 concept. In one of the world’s thinnest convertibles / detachables, maximum performance meets a breathtaking design. An optimized 360° functionality combined with the latest generation of technology.

Nothing like cruising the weird streets of the internet with the top down, we say. But how does this fine piece of German engineering handle in the real world? Let’s stick with car metaphors:

“A laptop that needs a pit stop,” judges The Verge.

“It just might get the attention of passersby… in the same way that rolling up to a stoplight in a 911 or, worse yet, a Cayenne SUV might get you a few side-eyes,” rips Yahoo Finance.

“Well, if you have a Porsche and really want a matching laptop, then here’s your new laptop,” — oof, sick burn TechCrunch.

But… so pretty….

If you have enough cash on hand to buy approximately 1.5 Macbook Pros, you can grip your own Porsche Design Book One on newegg.com. Eventually.

As TechNode reports, this luxe slab of steel will first roll out in China, before being offered in 17 other countries. Those of you in China feeling the need for speed can pre-order it on JD.com for a cool RMB 18,888 (lucky!) and be revving your Facebook at full throttle by mid-October.

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