Post-Punk Band Berlin Psycho Nurses Drop New EP ‘Software Hellhole’

This four-track release presents a rebellious and self-reflective mix of post-punk, noise rock, new wave, and indie rock

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1:16 PM HKT, Mon November 14, 2022 1 mins read

On November 9, Chinese post-punk band Berlin Psycho Nurses released a new EP, Software Hellhole, via Ruby Eyes Records.

Adhering to the cold tone of post-punk, Software Hellhole presents a crafty fusion of noise rock, new wave, and indie rock and sees the addition of instruments such as saxophone, keyboard, flute, and viola.

Formed in 2017 in Central China’s Changsha city, the five-member band started their musical journey by imitating Western predecessors such as Joy Division, Echo & The Bunnymen, and Nick Cave. Their debut EP, Hardcore Horse, in 2018, followed the regular paradigm of post-punk music. However, Berlin Psycho Nurses sees this new EP as a ‘rebellion’ against their previous musical offerings.

Abandoning the gangster personas the group adopted in their earlier works, Berlin Psycho Nurses calmly unravels dramatized stories based on real-life experiences in this new EP. The release’s overall theme touches on the meaningless, mentally strained existence of many young people in society today.

The two songs ‘Oceanscapes’ and ‘Psychotic Whispery’ explore the mental health issues facing modern youth and their growing attraction to nihilism and hedonism.

The other two tracks, ‘Elizabeth Town’ and ‘Cloudy Bay,’ are about love. The former tells the story of a young preacher who abandoned his religion for love and was expelled from his community; the latter is a heartbreaking monologue of a young man dumped by his partner.

For those looking to further explore Berlin Psycho Nurses’ catalog of work, check out the band’s first full-length self-titled album, released in 2020. This 11-track LP demonstrates the band’s commitment to integrating genres and found a welcome audience among those looking to “rampage like a gangster,” according to the group’s label.

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