Radii Photo Contest Honorable Mention: Angela Kong

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4:00 PM HKT, Thu August 10, 2017

Angela Kong is one of the Honorable Mention winners of the Radii Photo Contest. The judges liked the perspective of her photo, how it captured a slice of the paradoxical nature of hutong living: it can seem closed off from the outside, yet expansive and bright within. This photo literally throwing light on a part of old Beijing life.

Says Kong:

I took this photo the first week I was in Beijing. I ran back to my dorm immediately to grab my camera, and tried taking this photo twice. The first time, I used the wrong lens, and everyone on this street was staring at me while I was taking the photo. As this was my first week, I felt incredibly self-conscious about it, and debated internally for a long while – should I really go back inside to switch the lens, and come back to have everyone watch me again? Needless to say, I’m glad I stopped second guessing myself and went for it. The best moments that I’ve had for photography are in those impulsive moments, to go for shots that my gut tells me to trust, and to believe in.


Angela Kong is a recent graduate of Colorado College, where she majored in Feminist and Gender Studies. Her passions include: creating social change and awareness through the usage of photography and videography, as well as performing spoken word on issues such as experiences of racism, injustice, and privilege.

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