Robot Deliveries are Officially Now a Thing in Beijing

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7:23 PM HKT, Wed June 20, 2018

Turns out weren’t only picking up a wad of cash from Google and raking in huge amounts of money through anniversary sales on 618 — they were also rolling out robot deliveries.

The e-commerce site formally unveiled a fleet of 20 autonomous robot delivery vehicles on Monday in Beijing’s Haidian district following a trial run. The kind of cute-looking robo-vehicles can apparently handle around 30 parcels each, have top speeds of 15km/h, and come packed with censors to ensure they don’t run over pedestrians and observe traffic lights.

Once a delivery robot tracks you down, you can use facial recognition, enter a code, or use the JD app to retrieve your package from its innards.

The robo-kuaidis weren’t just a promo stunt for Jingdong’s anniversary — the company reportedly plans to introduce the robots to Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, and seven other cities across China in the coming months.

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