‘Running Up!’ - Majin Xuan ft. Bohan Phoenix is a Chinese Drill Moment

Newcomer Majin Xuan gets a boost from veteran Bohan Phoenix

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8:05 PM HKT, Tue August 15, 2023

This short and to-the-point burst of melodic drill rap brought to you by newcomer Majin Xuan, and the inimitable Bohan Phoenix.

The music video for Running Up! Deja Vu, shot by TheGuyJose, takes viewers to the streets of New York City, owning the drill sound right from the jump.

It’s an eclectic rush of flows and stylistic influences sewn together by the unique delivery of Majin Xuan, whose vocal approach lies somewhere between Pop Smoke and Lil B.

The cherry on top is the razor sharp verse from bilingual rap icon Bohan Phoenix.

Majin alternates between poignant lyrics in the verse (Step in the Manhattan nighttime and the scenery’s beautiful / underneath the neon beams, a lady who glows) and a bouncy, nonsensical hook.

Bohan, meanwhile, shows off his expertise with a deft verse that all ties together at the end (Erykah Badu’s Love of My Life, anyone?).

It’s a hefty introduction for those new to Majin’s sound, and for longtime Bohan fans, a callback to the artist’s roots as a bars-first rapper. Regardless, the video for Running Up is sure to have you running it back.

Cover image via Majin Xuan

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