Scooterist in China Dances in Protest After Getting Pulled Over

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12:49 AM HKT, Wed July 19, 2017

In Haikou on the Chinese island province of Hainan, one man on a scooter decided to resist traffic cops in the most amusing and best way possible.

We have That’s Online to thank for the clip, in which police first urge the man to get off his scooter for reasons unknown; uncomplying, the scooterist loses his shit, but in all-time fashion: throwing his arms in the air like he just don’t care, bouncing his scooter up and down like a lowrider, executing the infamous dance-floor “karate kick” move, ducking out of the policemen’s grasp and crab-shuffling in the middle of the g’damn street. It’s a masterpiece of resistance.

Here’s the video set to music, which you do most definitely need:

WATCH: Scooter Driver Loses It after Getting Pulled Over in China (That’s Online)

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