Shanghai Community Radio is Holding an Online Festival this Weekend

SHCR invite 13 artists from around the world for three days of performances, workshops and conversations

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12:56 AM HKT, Wed March 10, 2021

For over three years, Shanghai Community Radio (SHCR) has been at the vanguard of all that is cool about the Chinese underground electronic scene, supporting and giving space to important producers and venues in Shanghai.

To celebrate the launch of their new website, the group behind SHCR are holding an online festival this weekend from March 12-14, with 13 artists from China, Russia, Vietnam, Iran, Kenya and more.

Check out the full line-up for Out of Touch Festival at SHCR’s Instagram below:

The festival will consist of performances, workshops, and panel discussions across a variety of genres, with captions and subtitles in both Chinese and English.

While the aim of the event is to foster conversation between China and the world, SHCR have warned that their website may not be accessible for some people in certain countries, but that the events from the three days will eventually be archived on their new platform. So, err, log on and hope for the best.


Earlier this year, SHCR collaborated with London-based label and collective Eastern Margins for an open source music livestream called Through the Window, with artists based across 10 cities, with the aim of fostering musical exchange.

SHCR was also a key pillar in community-led efforts in China to keep music and club culture alive under lockdown this time last year.

Cover image: Temple Rat via SHCR

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