Step Up Your Micrograph Game with Shanghai Qingying’s iMICROSCOPE

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8:00 PM HKT, Fri February 9, 2018

Caught this thing wandering around Kickstarter: iMICROSCOPE -The First One Compatible with Any Smartphone.

Basically, it’s a microscope that attaches to your phone. And it looks pretty rad. Here’s their pitch video:

The iMICROSCOPE, which has more than doubled its (rather modest) fundraising goal of $3,979 with 27 days to go, is the latest product from Shanghai Qingying E&T LLC, which holds multiple patents in the field of microscopic photography equipment. Assuming it works as advertised, the iMICROSCOPE snaps onto your smartphone (they say it works with all brands), and comes with a built-in light and embedded scale bar, plus a dedicated app that allows the user to snap micrographs (photographs taken with a microscope) using three different observation modes.

If you want to get in on the ground floor of the burgeoning photographic genre of cell-fies (zing!), grip an early bird model of the iMICROSCOPE right here.

Cover image: Shanghai Qingying E&T LLC site

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