Students from Communist Youth League Release Party Congress-Themed Rap

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9:54 PM HKT, Mon December 4, 2017

This week’s photo theme is Red Raps: stills from recent hip hop videos with “red” (read: patriotic) themes.

First there was The Rap of China, iQIYI’s breakout hit of a reality show, and now there’s The Rap of The 19th National Party Congress, a snappy single put together by a few students from the Communist Youth League at Beijing’s University of Science and Technology to honor the CPC’s recent leadership reshuffle.

The tune is called “19大有嘻哈,” literally “The 19th Congress has Rap,” a direct homage to iQIYI’s show, “中国有嘻哈” (“China has Rap”). It runs for four minutes, during which a crew of four students praise their college, President Xi, and the Party.

You can stream it in a post by the Communist Youth League’s official WeChat account. Here are a few choice lyrics in translation:

谁说说唱歌手从不关心国家大事 放下麦克风我也是祖国的忠诚卫士 十八号的早晨不抱被子抱紧电视

Who said rappers don’t care about the country? / Put down the mic. I’m also a guard of our mother country. / Got out of the bed and turned on the TV on the morning of the 18th.

(Note: this was the day before the day 19th National Congress began.)

我国社会主要矛盾需要划划重点 物质文化和社会生产那可不能再填 矛盾在美好生活与不平衡的发展之间 下次的政治考题可别错太明显

This major contradiction needs to be underlined / You cannot write “material culture and social production” anymore / It is between happy life and unbalanced development / Don’t make an obvious mistake on the next political test.


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