Watch the Heart-Pumping Trailer for Michelle Yeoh’s “The Brothers Sun” on Netflix

Powered by an all-Asian cast and writers room, this is your chance to see Michelle Yeoh power-drilling through a guy’s skull

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6:13 PM HKT, Fri November 17, 2023

Netflix has released the teaser for upcoming series ‘The Brothers Sun,’ a gritty crime thriller and family drama featuring Academy Award-winner Michelle Yeoh.

Its story centers around the Suns, who are thrust into the center of gang conflict after the assassination of the family’s triad leader father. Eileen, played by Yeoh, and her eldest son have both actively fled from the family’s criminal past, while the younger son has been shielded from it completely.

An ensemble cast including Justin Chien, Jon Xue Zhang of ‘Eternals,’ and Alice Hewkin of ‘Sex Education,’ among others, sets the scene for a fast-paced crime thriller, punctuated with streaks of family drama.

It’s a more-brutal-than-usual role for Michelle Yeoh, with the trailer flashing a scene that seems to show the matriarch coolly using a power drill to dismember a body. The tagline ‘Mama Knows Best’ hints at Yeoh’s central role in navigating the consequences of her family’s criminal history.

“It’s really interesting actually because I started at a time where it wasn’t like that,” said Sam Li, who plays the family’s younger son, about the changing nature of Asian representation in Hollywood.

“I think I was lucky enough to have gotten to be a part of this as it was changing,” he added.

The eight-part series is powered by an all-Asian cast and writers room, and is set to premiere on January 4th, 2024.

Image via Netflix

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