“The City’s Like a Tiramisu”: Urumqi Covered in Yellow Snow

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9:49 PM HKT, Sun December 2, 2018

Urumqi, the capital city of the Xinjiang region, has been blanketed in brownish “yellow snow” in recent days, prompting some online commentators to liken the scenes to a tiramisu or iconic “snowman” ice creams enjoyed by many in China as children (or in some cases make their own on car windows).

Thankfully this doesn’t seem to be down to pollution (which was our first thought). Nor does it appear to be the kind of yellow snow that Frank Zappa once sung about. Instead meteorological services are putting it down to a mixture of a cold snap and sandstorms in the region.

Here’s a video of it from State propaganda machine CGTN:

More wild weather:

Cover photo: weather.com.cn

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