Watch: Typhoon Mangkhut Shakes Skyscrapers, Blows Currency Across Borders

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2:14 AM HKT, Tue September 18, 2018 1 mins read

Typhoon Mangkhut, the strongest storm to hit Asia this year, rolled through Hong Kong this weekend. Immediately, WeChat moments, Weibo, and other social media were overtaken by stunning videos of the storm.

Clips circulating show high-rise towers swaying back and forth in the wind, documents being ripped out of office buildings, and people being flung across the ground like dolls. One viral Weibo post from Shenzhen even showed a 100 Hong Kong Dollar bill that had apparently blown over to Mainland China.

Wind speeds reached 107mph, with gust speeds maxing out at 138mph. Miraculously, there haven’t been any fatalities reported. After the storm hit Hong Kong, Mainland China evacuated over three million residents from its southern cities. Videos captured on smartphones show the full extent of the storm’s strength, with many of the most widely-shared videos having been gathered in a Twitter thread by @jenzhuscott:

For a list of donation links to help homeless people in Hong Kong (updated in the wake of Typhoon Mangkhut) click here.

As the storm has hit Mainland China, so the videos have kept coming:

Although apparently not everyone has let the storm interrupt their day:

Seriously though, with Florence battering the US and Mangkhut hitting southern China, wherever you are if you’re being affected by a major weather event right now we hope you’re staying safe.

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