Twitter Bits: Puffer Fish and Gibberish

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12:09 AM HKT, Mon September 25, 2017 1 mins read

To wrap up the weekend, here’s some random China stuff from Twitter.

Starting with… whoa look at that puffer fish! Chinese State newspaper Xinhua reports on blowfish issues in Hai’an county of Jiangsu province, where these delicious yet deadly suckers are bred and attract a growing tourist industry. We doff our caps to the killer use of alliteration in this tweet:

Meanwhile, in the capital: Beijing is gearing up for the 19th Party Congress next month, and is being draped with all kind of signage in anticipation of this very important event, during which the country’s leadership is set for the next five years. Even Elements, a dance club in the city’s Gongti neighborhood famous for its late night EDM debauchery, is getting in on the action. TechNode writer Frank Hersey spotted this festive sign adorning Elements’ facade:

While the core audience for these kinds of messages is mostly Chinese, a lot of the posters going up around town do introduce a bit of English into the mix. Some more successfully than others. Rogue historian and Radii contributor Jeremiah Jenne spotted a less than dedicated attempt at international dialogue:

Hmm… what else. “Did you know that the ketchup you eat in China has a 70% chance of being made in Xinjiang?” Blogger Josh Summers, who recently visited Beijing for a couple of meetups, lays out the tomato-related facts:

That’ll do!

Got a tip on weird memes or hot takes ricocheting around the China Twittersphere? Holler at us.

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