#Slang Dynasty

Translated as ‘chicken baby,’ 鸡娃 (jī wá) are kids brought up by ‘Tiger Moms’ who push them to succeed and be their best. That kid who lives next store to you and is forced to practice the piano until 11 PM every night – she is a diligent 鸡娃 (jī wá)! Slang Dynasty is a series that unpacks the wide world of Chinese regional slang, internet colloquialisms, and assorted street-level jargon. #slangdynasty #chineseslang Videographer: Thanakrit Gu + Miranda Wang + Danzhe Chen Editor: Thanakrit Gu Translation & Subtitling: Thanakrit Gu RADII shares stories from the center of Chinese youth culture. Get more at: instagram_ twitter_ facebook_ Watch More

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