Who Called the Police on Wang Yibo?

Wang Yibo's team is filing a defamation lawsuit

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4:36 PM HKT, Thu December 31, 2020 1 mins read

Rest assured — Wang Yibo is not cancelled.

On December 27, Yue Hua Entertainment issued a statement explaining that an anonymous source had reported Wang Yibo for a false crime. The actor had been taking a break from filming in the famous Hengdian World Studios when the incident occurred.

The superstar was said to have cooperated fully with the investigation. Finally, officers concluded that someone had filed a false report — a criminal act in its own right.



Wang Yibo reposted the statement to his Weibo page along with the caption, “good beats evil! People who like me and people who hate me must all abide by the law! Abide by the law!”

Upon further investigation, Dongyang police announced that a 31-year-old woman with a history of mental illness — named only as Ms. Xing — had been identified as the anonymous caller.

Wang Yibo’s management, who are no strangers to public harassment, will be filing a defamation lawsuit against Ms. Xing.


The false report comes in the lead-up to Yibo’s new single, The Rules of My World (我的世界守则), which he’s been promoting for the past few weeks.

As the star’s popularity grows, so too do the ranks of Yibo anti-fans, who just this month pumped the hashtag nan ting (“sounds bad”) in response to the star’s work.

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