Watch: Jackie Chan Dances with Pangolins

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3:00 AM HKT, Sat September 30, 2017

“In researching our big rhino horn article earlier today, we came across this recent WildAid video: Kung Fu Pangolin.

Last time Radii caught up with pangolins, we were discrediting their medicinal merits as an ingredient in infused alcohol, and we described them as nature’s way of making you say both “so cute!” and “holy shit dinosaurs still roam the earth.” Stand by that.

Last time we checked in with Jackie, he was premiering the new BBC documentary Earth: One Amazing Day, which he narrates, in Beijing.

Now he’s lending his star power to combat the global pangolin trade. “While many people may have never heard of pangolins, they are the most heavily trafficked mammals on the planet,” says WildAid. “An estimated one million have been poached from the wild over the past decade.”

This charming PSA was co-produced by WildAid and The Nature Conservancy, and will be accompanied by a billboard campaign in China and Vietnam, “the main pangolin consuming nations.”

Find more info over at WildAid’s website.


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