Watch: Moment of Peace via Mesmerizing Drone Footage of Chinese Village

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11:35 PM HKT, Mon September 4, 2017

Take a deep breath in, and exhale out all your bad qi with this meditative video taken around the city of Hangzhou.

Hangzhou is a bit of a contradiction. It’s the site of serene water gardens and temples, as well as home to e-commerce giant Alibaba and other key players in the tech industry. For this video, videographer Kenneth Lee focused on the parts of the city that hold on to their old school charm.

Drones are huge over here right now, but it takes footage like this to help us remember why. The shots are pretty amazing – for a second you might forget that you’re sitting at your computer, and not floating high above the sights and sounds of the town. The footage takes you around Hefang Street, Lingying Temple, and Tianshan Village, all set to simple guzheng music.

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