Watch: Sophia the Robot on “True Machine Consciousness” in Hangzhou

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8:08 AM HKT, Wed October 31, 2018

Earlier this year RADII headed to Hangzhou “unconference” 2050 to host a series of events exploring culture, technology and digital currents in contemporary China. The inaugural FUTURE OF X events featured a Grammy Award winning musician, a pioneering animation studio founder, a host of consumption experts, one of the leading collectors of “post-internet” art in China, and Sophia, the first robot to have received citizenship of a country.

Sophia is a hyper-intelligent robot backed by some of the industry’s most advanced AI and the most recent stage in the evolution of robotics. She made waves when she debuted thanks to her advanced “intelligence”, eerily human conversational abilities, and string of non-traditional robot accolades (Sophia is the first robot to win a title from the United Nations, and the first robot to receive legal citizenship, having become a citizen of Saudi Arabia in 2017).

Sophia herself joined RADII at the FUTURE OF X series at 2050, to talk about humans, robots, and the space between. Watch what happened below:

For more videos from RADII’s FUTURE OF X series at 2050, head to this page:

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