Watch: Take a Short, Spooky Ride Through the World of Classical Chinese Horror

As we approach Halloween, buckle in for a quick-hit dose of classical Chinese horror in this animated short by Singapore artist Damien Soh

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4:29 AM HKT, Sun October 6, 2019

It’s October, and spooky season is here.

We love a good spook here at RADII. So we were naturally very excited to come upon this short, sweet, but brilliant work of Chinese-style horror by artist Damien Soh and Universal Studios Singapore.

Pagoda of Peril offers a nefarious netherworld nightmare, where the narrator wanders through hell in a dreamlike state. As it goes on, more context unfolds, along with a veritable buffet of classical Chinese ghosts and ghouls (you might recognize some of them from our near-exhaustive list of classical Chinese ghosts and ghouls).

It’s gorgeous. It’s captivating. It’s spooky as sh*t, and we love it. We hope you do too — this one’s definitely worth a second watch.


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