WATCH: The Nomad Surfers Killing the Waves of South China

“I never thought there could be so many ways to live life”

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11:48 PM HKT, Thu January 27, 2022

Spring Festival — more commonly known in the West as Chinese New Year — is upon us, which means kicking back with family and friends to eat, drink, and celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Tiger. People born as ‘tigers’ are often associated with bravery, confidence, and competitiveness. To honor these traits, RADII has teamed up with Peddlers Gin to bring you ‘Spirit of the Tiger’ — a selection of inspiring stories from fascinating tigers across China.

Shayun and Jiang were born 24 years ago in the Year of the Tiger. Part of the growing surf culture in South China, they work as instructors at Shaka Surf and spend as much time catching the breaks of Hainan as they can.

“Waking up at 6 AM, board under your arm, sand under your feet as you walk into the ocean to catch the first great wave of the day … I never thought there could be so many ways to live life,” says Shayun.

After coming to Hainan, Shayun had a clearer understanding of how he wanted to live — in the company of nature. Surfers have come from across China to chase Hainan’s waves, and they all have the same love for the purity of the ocean.

“When you are surfing, everything else is much less important; you are alone in the sea, with nothing but your board, coping with all the uncertainties by yourself.”

Watch the video below to see Shayun and Jiang in action:

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Cover image via Graeme Kennedy

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