Wǒ Men Podcast: Gu Xi, Female Coding Pioneer (Redux)

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10:40 PM HKT, Fri September 21, 2018

The Wǒ Men podcast is a bi-weekly discussion of life in China hosted by Yajun Zhang and Jingjing Zhang. Previous episodes of the Wǒ Men podcast can be found here, and you can find Wǒ Men on iTunes here.

In April 2018, we interviewed Gu Xi, a Chinese female coder and founder of Techie Cat, an online community that teaches Chinese women to code. Earlier this summer, she joined Apple’s “Behind Mac” campaign as a Chinese female innovator in this global initiative. We can see her beautiful face at London Bridge tube station, Hollywood’s Santa Monica Boulevard, and in the busy Beijing neighborhood of Sanlitun.

Today we will presented a re-edited version of this episode. Through our conversations with her you will hear more about her story as a typical and atypical example of the post-’95 generation in China, and how she built a tech community and while fighting against the strict and rigid Chinese education system to pursue the mission that she believes in. Enjoy!

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