Chinese Coder Gu Xi Joins Grimes and AR Rahman as Face of Apple’s “Behind the Mac” Campaign

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5:59 PM HKT, Tue September 4, 2018

Apple launched a new ad campaign for its overdue-an-update Mac computer line earlier in the summer and to be honest it mostly passed us by — until we saw some of the billboard posters and recognized a familiar face. Joining the likes of Grimes, AR Rahman and Peter Kariuki in the “Behind the Mac” campaign is Gu Xi.

Who’s Gu Xi? Well, funny you should ask that because here’s a whole Wǒ Men podcast with her:

And you can now see Gu peering out from behind her computer on posters in locations across the globe including London Bridge tube (h/t to Wǒ Men co-host Jingjing for spotting that one) and Hollywood’s Santa Monica Boulevard (pictured up top).

She also appears in the “compilation” version of the TV ad here:

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