Xiao Zhan Makes Runway Debut with Li Ning

Xiao Zhan isn’t the only reason for Li Ning’s popularity spike

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3:06 PM HKT, Sat April 10, 2021

While most of China’s fashionistas have their eyes glued to Shanghai Fashion Week, elsewhere, superstar Xiao Zhan is making his runway debut with Li Ning.

Just 10 days after the Chinese sportswear brand announced Xiao Zhan’s new ambassador role, the star made his much-anticipated runway debut, rocketing the hashtag “Xiao Zhan Runway” to the number four trending position on Weibo.

Xiao Zhan isn’t the only one responsible for the spike in Li Ning’s popularity, though — the company gained mass support from the public after western brands such as Nike began to cut out the use of Xinjiang-produced cotton.

In response, several Chinese celebrities stepped forward to express their support for domestic brands using cotton from Xinjiang.

Word of Honor stars Gong Jun and Zhang Zhehan were both seen wearing Li Ning products while arriving at the airport. Placements like these have caused a jump in Li Ning’s prices via unofficial vendors.


“Xiao Zhan and Li Ning are such a powerful combo! Chinese products will improve as time goes on,” reads one top-rated Weibo comment.

Li Ning has channeled its Chinese identity successfully in the past, and Xiao Zhan is still working to solidify his positive image after becoming embroiled in one of last year’s biggest scandals.

Cover Image: Li Ning

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