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10:04 PM HKT, Fri February 23, 2018 1 mins read

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David Boring, creators of one of the best records to come out of (greater) China in 2017, are back with a brief epilogue. On VICTIMS, a three-song EP that will be released on March 1 in the form of a super-limited 7″, the Hong Kong outliers tack on a coda to the narrative that unfolded jaggedly on last year’s Unnatural Objects and Their Humans.

From the VICTIMS Bandcamp:

Through the three unique protagonists, we see from their first person perspectives how they fall victim to a certain aspect of the society / their own personal turmoil.

The record itself can be seen as either a sympathetic tribute to the various characters that quietly suffer under their own unique and complex circumstances, or a critique to the thoughtless culture of blame and self-pity.

We might be failing as humans, but at least we can still find solace in claiming victim.

VICTIMS is the latest output from Hong Kong DIY label Sweaty & Cramped, which is new to me but hooked me instantly with their two taglines, “Anything with a DIY mentality and a fuck you attitude, basically” + “By the nerds, for the nerds”.

If you want to nab one of 50 VICTIMS 7″s on crystal clear vinyl, act fast. And check back on RADII in a few weeks or so, when we’ll take a deeper look at Sweaty & Cramped and the particular corner of the Hong Kong music scene they’re repping.

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