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BEYOND Expo 2023 Showcases Macau As a Regional Hi-tech Hub

BEYOND Expo, one of Asia’s biggest tech gatherings, is returning to Macau, becoming one of the first significant events to be hosted in Chinese special administrative region post-Covid

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Hayley Zhao
7:20 AM HKT, Tue May 9, 2023 1 mins read

BEYOND Expo is one of Asia’s most influential tech gatherings. This year, the event is returning to Macau, where it will run for four days and welcome more than 1,000 exhibitors, all eager to show off their latest and greatest developments.

The expo has been hampered in recent years by pandemic travel restrictions but is now returning to its full glory. In keeping with the event structure of the last two years, the exhibition will focus on three categories: healthcare, sustainability, and consumer tech.

This year’s theme is Technology Redefined — a fitting motif in a city experiencing an identity shift of its own.

beyond expo 2023, beyond expo, China technology

The 2023 BEYOND Expo will be held at the Macao Convention and Exhibition Center. Image via Depositphotos

This year’s exhibition has drawn in several prominent figures from China’s tech industry, including Dong Mingzhu, chairwoman of the Fortune 500 company Gree Electric, and Terry Gou, founder of Foxconn.

BEYOND will also welcome plenty of international companies (more than 40% of the exhibitors), as well as keynote speakers like Nobel Prize-winning chemist Dr. Roger Kornberg, President of Google Asia Pacific Scott Beaumont, and United Nations Resident Coordinator Siddarth Chatterjee.

However, the expo isn’t just for current industry leaders — it’s also a platform for startups to find investment and financing opportunities. One of the highlights is the Brazil-Portugal Innovation Company Roadshow. As a former Portuguese colony, Macau’s unique cultural history makes it a natural place for Portuguese-speaking entrepreneurs to showcase their innovations.

Macau tourism

Macau, once totally dependent on tourism and casinos, is quickly becoming a regional hub for technology. Image visa Depositphotos

BEYOND Expo is one of the first significant events to be hosted in Macau post-Covid.

The special administrative region of China is a world-famous gambling destination, full of casinos and luxury hotels, and is often called the Las Vegas of Asia. But after Covid-19 restrictions dealt a heavy blow to its tourism industry, Macau aims to diversify its offerings.

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