Cafe Provides Backdrops and Bathrobes for Fake Luxury Instagram Pics

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12:17 PM HKT, Thu October 25, 2018

Looking for the Ritz-Carlton image without the ritzy price? This coffeeshop has you covered (in fine Egyptian cotton).

It’s located in Shenzhen, nearby Hong Kong. For the low, low price of 88RMB (a little less than 13USD), the staff will supply you with a luxurious bathrobe, and a photo backdrop of the view from a highrise hotel in a bustling metropolitan city. You get thirty minutes to capture as much Instagram artillery as your heart desires.

You can keep your followers in Shenzhen:

UPDATE: The woman featured in the picture above has taken to Weibo to refute claims that this photo was taken in a cafe in Shenzhen, instead claiming that it really was taken at the Ritz. She said she only became aware of the news after friends told her they’d seen her image trending on the social media platform.

Or take them with you to Hong Kong:

Or collect likes from imaginary Osaka:

Honestly, 88RMB might be a little pricey for a phone photo that you’re going to have to disclose as fake, or risk being exposed/humiliated. But we do appreciate the ingenuity.

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