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Mar 15, 2021 1 mins read

We founded RADII in 2017 to share stories from a rarely-explored side of China. We wanted to showcase artists, writers, and creators who challenged conventional narratives about China and Chinese people.

We did that across our categories of Culture, Life, and Innovation; but we realized it’s not that simple.

Our coverage tended to overlap across all these categories — exploring various cultures and subcultures, experiencing modern lifestyles and trends, and highlighting innovative, cutting-edge thinking.

Now we’re getting specific, and making it easier for you to navigate the topics that you care about most.

Do you come for our hip hop coverage and eye-opening playlists? Our MUSIC section dives deep into songs, sounds, and the artists behind them.

If you’re here for recommendations in television and film, or to get the latest gossip on China’s fresh-faced celebs, check out our ENTERTAINMENT category.

In our LIFESTYLE section, we’re dishing on what to eat, who to wear, and where to go.

Additionally, we’ll continue to cover the creatives at the forefront of China’s ART & DESIGN scenes, as well as the bigger trends surrounding modern SOCIETY — how young people are navigating new technologies, gender and sexuality, and their role in stewarding the environment.

We hope these new categories make it easier for you to keep up with the stories emerging from China’s youth culture.

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