Higher Brothers Tear Up 2020 Cypher Alongside Chengdu Rap Legends

Chengdu's rap elite reunite for a 2020 cypher

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11:14 PM HKT, Fri May 1, 2020 1 mins read

Higher Brothers and their accompanying CDC (formerly Chengdu Rap House, now re-formed as Chengdu Corporation) crew have reconvened. Just nine days after Higher Brothers member Melo dropped his first solo album, the CDC crew dropped a harder-hitting revamp of the original Higher Brothers and CDC cypher which featured on the Fung Bros’ YouTube Channel in 2017.

The CDC (成都集团) 2020 Cypher track is handled by veteran Higher Brothers producer Harikiri, who ditches his usual glittering synths for an industrial drone. Led by Higher Brothers frontman Masiwei, the star studded crew wastes no time laying down sharp lyrics and comparing their drip to Drake and OVO.

A new name is not the only change for the crew, as they return without the controversial Fat Shady aka 谢帝 Xie Di aka BO$$ X.


Higher Brothers members KnowKnow and Masiwei, who dropped solo albums in late 2019 and early 2020 respectively, take the opportunity to shout out their projects during the cypher. But perhaps the most gratifying part of it all is watching lesser-known Chengdu rap staples like Lil Shin, Wang Yitai and Sleepycat lay it down alongside the most internationally successful Chinese rap group of all time.

In related news, another Higher Brothers member, Psy P, linked up with one of our favorites, Chengdu rock band Stolen, for a new version of their dark, intimidating track “Why We Follow?” which previously appeared on their new EP Remanufactured. Psy P’s involvement is new territory for Stolen, as it’s their first time teaming up with a rapper for a track. You can listen to the new Psy P-featuring version of Stolen’s “Why We Follow?” here.

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