China’s Rising Social Media Star: A 10-Year-Old with 7.6 Million Followers

Liu Gege has gained the attention of millions of followers on Chinese social media through videos of her daily life — but is it all too much for a preteen?

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11:40 AM HKT, Wed February 28, 2024 1 mins read

One of China’s most newest social media stars is Liu Gege (刘格格), a 10-year-old girl from Hunan province, which is known for its highly-developed entertainment industry (for example, the popular television station Hunan TV). Her Douyin account became a social media sensation after a video showcasing her unique haircut styled by her mother went viral, earning over 8.7 million likes. Her account now has 7.6 million followers.


A screenshot from Liu Gege’s most popular video, showing her unique haircut. Image via Douyin.

Soon after her most popular post, another video went viral, showing Liu in a custom-made gown for her 10th birthday. The gown was created by her mother with the help of two assistants and was inspired by a celebrity’s dress. The post earned over 1 million likes.

While Liu is the center of attention, the one behind the account is her mother, a millennial married to a vegetable trader. Her mother wishes to stay anonymous, but has mentioned that before having her daughter, she enjoyed playing computer games, making clothing, and dancing.

Beyond the selective glimpses into Liu’s life that social media offers, she is said to be a hardworking student. However, the limelight of social media stardom is not entirely glamorous: on one Douyin video, Geling Tonghua (格凌童话) a top commenter, wrote, “After changing schools, don’t post her wearing the new uniform or else fans will track her down again,” referring to the overly-passionate fans whose attention can be overwhelming for such a young girl.

Indeed, Liu’s popularity raises a number of questions about online life and celebrity, namely whether such a high level of attention is positive for a child, and whether it is ethical for a mother to build a social media brand around her young daughter.

Banner image via Douyin.

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