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china.wav is an exciting series of live music events from RADII, showcasing an alternative wavelength of Chinese underground culture

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3:58 PM HKT, Fri March 29, 2019 1 mins read

china.wav is an event series by RADII highlighting an alternative wavelength of Chinese underground culture you never knew existed. china.wav spotlights the best of China’s rising music and artistic talent, amplifying their voices to the rest of the world.

The first ever china.wav event took place on May 3, 2019 at El Cid on Los Angeles’ Sunset Boulevard. Performing to a full-house that night were Bohan Phoenix, Faded Ghost, MC Tingbudong and Kai Luen.

Since then, we’ve gone on to hold china.wav events featuring DJ wunderkind Gouachi, live immersive art group Tian Tuan, and a collaboration between blind violin virtuoso Zhang Zheyuan and electronic producer Laughing Ears.

Our latest china.wav event took us to Yunnan on November 27, 2020, where we joined forces with S!LK and Yeti Out for a night featuring Puzzy Stack, Tom Yeti, and NoMercy at Dada Kunming. Scroll down for more on that.

Previous china.wav Events

china.wav Live in LA: Bohan Phoenix, Faded Ghost, MC Tingbudong, Kai Luen + Sara Siti-Amnuai

Our first china.wav event was a sold-out showcase bridging the US/China culture gap through music, featuring Bohan Phoenix, Faded Ghost, Kai Luen + Sara Siti-Amnuai and MC Tingbudong at LA’s historic El Cid venue.

gao jiafeng

Jiafeng (browser DJ set)

After an interview and an audience Q&A, Jiafeng got the weirdo party vibes flowing with one of his signature browser DJ sets at Shanghai’s ALL.

gouachi live shanghai

Faded Ghost x Gouachi

Inaugural china.wav artist Faded Ghost’s live set was followed by a DJ set from Gouachi, a fresh and vital force on Shanghai’s club scene.

laughing ears new album

Laughing Ears x Zhang Zheyuan

Kunming violin virtuoso Zhang Zheyuan, who was born blind, joined forces with genre-bending electronic producer Laughing Ears for a unique collaboration.

Artist Fu Tong Tian Tuan performance art group

Tian Tuan x BurgerSuicideClub

Two difficult-to-describe units from the bowels of the Shanghai creative underground came together at ALL to do their thing: a night of immersive live visuals and off-the-wall performance art rock.

china.wav x Yeti Out x S!LK in Kunming

RADII linked up with integral China-based labels S!LK and Yeti Out for their latest tour stop in Kunming, the capital of southwestern China’s Yunnan province. Puzzy Stack, Tom Yeti and NoMercy hit the recently-opened Dada Kunming for a packed out night of fresh beats and fashionistas.

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