Join Us as the RADII Staff Processes 2020, and Predicts 2021

From viral outbreaks to viral trends

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4:33 PM HKT, Wed January 27, 2021

CROSS x TALK is RADII’s live conversation series on Instagram. Hosted by editors and contributors, RADII speaks to creatives and thought leaders about the trends shaping their fields, and shares inspiring stories of creative resilience that bridge cultures.

For the first Cross x Talk of the year, join our editors and staff for a recap of the biggest viral moments, talks, and trends from 2020, as well as what we’re expecting (and hoping for) in the coming year.

RADII’s Associate Editor Adan Kohnhorst will moderate a discussion amongst staff members, where we’ll break down just a few of the many reasons why 2020 is the year we’ll never forget.


From major international headlines, to smaller moments of weirdness that may have slipped under your radar, we’ll be diving deep.

We’ll also be offering our predictions for 2021 — a year that is surely going to go “back to normal” now that 2020 is over.

Join us on Instagram live at @radii.china, on January 28th 9:30PM EST.

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