CROSS x TALK: Join Iron Mic’s Dana “Showtyme” Burton & Bohan Phoenix for “Culture vs Hate”

In the wake of Anti-Asian attacks, Dana Burton, Bohan Phoenix and Wes Chen talk with RADII on establishing community using culture

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11:56 PM HKT, Tue May 25, 2021 1 mins read

Since the start of the pandemic, the Asian diaspora has suffered an incredible rise in discrimination and violent hate crimes. We wrote about the disturbing trend just before the start of Chinese New Year celebrations. Unfortunately, attacks have not stopped.

Attacks on Asians in 16 of America’s largest cities soared by 164% in the first quarter of 2021. Eight in 10 Asian Americans told Pew Research that violence against them is increasing.


Advocates for Asian Americans have blamed anti-China rhetoric that was fueled by former President Donald Trump, but some have also argued that Sinophobic bias is prevalent on both sides of the aisle. So where do we go from here?

Dana Burton, Bohan Phoenix, and Wes Chen will join RADII in the “Preservation of the Human Race” Club on Clubhouse to discuss both the history of ingrained stereotypes against Asian immigrants — Yellow Peril, the Model Minority Myth etc. — and how a love for and sharing of culture (such as music, hip hop and art) can create a pathway away from hate.


Dana “Showtyme” Burton was born and raised in Detroit. After moving to China nearly two decades ago, he has worked tirelessly to utilize hip hop as a connection point between American and Chinese communities. He is the founder and creative director of Iron Mic, and has been referenced in publications ranging from CNN to the Cambridge History of World Music.

Born in Hubei province in China and raised in New York, Bohan Phoenix is an acclaimed bilingual rapper who has worked with the likes of Higher Brothers and Vava. He is a CROSS x TALK veteran, weighing in, with MC Tingbudong, on Asian communities’ roles in the Black Lives Matter movement.


Wes Chen is a podcast host and presenter who has headed up China’s longest running hip hop podcast thePark since 2006, proving instrumental in the rise of some of China’s biggest hip hop stars, and becoming one of the country’s most famous hip hop podcasts in the process.

You can follow their Clubhouse handles: Dana Burton (@detroitshowtyme), Bohan Phoenix (@bohanphoenix) and Wes Chen (@weschen24), as well as RADII moderators: Brian A. Wong (@bwong) and Elaine Chow (@elaineisxyz)

Crosstalk Culture Against Hate Dana Burton Radii ChinaClick here to join the Clubhouse on May 27th (Thursday) 10 PM USA Eastern Standard Time, 10 AM China Standard Time on March 28th (Friday)

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