Listen: Producer Harikiri and Podcast Host Wes Chen Discuss Hip Hop in China

The pair joined RADII to talk about hip hop’s underground roots, mainstream success and its uncertain future in China

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8:08 PM HKT, Thu March 4, 2021

Last week, RADII’s CROSS x TALK series made its Clubhouse debut, where we were joined by HARIKIRI — a producer known for his work with A-list artists such as Jay Park, Higher Brothers and Vinida Weng — and Wes Chen, long-time host of China’s most influential hip hop radio show, The Park, for a wide-ranging discussion around hip hop in China.

The pair talked about their early experiences in the Chinese hip hop scene, the culture’s commercialization in China, and the use of the country’s diverse regional dialects in rap music.

For more from Harikiri, check out this brand new track from him, Masiwei and Jay Park:

Cover image courtesy of Harikiri

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