CROSS x TALK Recap: Culture vs. Hate on Clubhouse

A conversation on model minority and the symbiotic power of creative endeavors

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12:44 AM HKT, Wed June 9, 2021 2 mins read

Violence against Asian Americans has risen dramatically over the past year and a half, with attacks on Asian Americans jumping by 164% in major American cities in the first quarter of 2021.

The outbreak of Covid-19 worldwide, and the anti-China rhetoric put forth by politicians in America, has contributed greatly to the rise of this disturbing trend.

In light of continued violence against Asian Americans, RADII hosted a lively discussion in the “Preservation of the Human Race” Club on Clubhouse on May 27th, 2021 with Wes Chen, Dana “Showtyme” Burton, and Bohan Phoenix, moderated by Elaine Chow and Brian Wong.

CROSS x TALK is a live conversation series where we speak to thought leaders about the trends shaping their fields, while also sharing inspiring stories of creative resilience that bridge cultures.

You can find the recorded conversation on Soundcloud, Spotify, or Apple Podcast.

The Panel

Dana “Showtyme” Burton, born and raised in Detroit, has been China-based for almost two decades. He’s dedicated years to “building bridges between China and America” with hip hop as the cultural medium. He’s the founder and creator of Iron Mic.

Bohan Phoenix, an acclaimed bilingual artist and rapper recently signed with JUUICE Hip-Hop, a Warner Music China imprint. He’s a frequent guest of RADII CROSS x TALK who previously discussed Asian American’s participation in the Black Lives Matter movement with MC Tingbudong.

Wes Chen is host of China’s longest-running hip hop podcast thePark, established in 2006, and has been a significant force in raising the status of some of China’s biggest hip hop artists.

Show Notes

2:12The model minority myth, its origins, how it affects all minorities in America, how it has created stigmas specifically towards the Asian community, and the role it plays in the recent rise of sinophobia.

Asian people in America, regardless of how long or how many generations their family have been in America, are always looked upon as foreign, not just a minority, but foreign.

— Wes Chen

16:15 – The lack of recognition of Asian-American experience in American culture and history and how people of Asian descent are canonically deemed as foreign in the eyes of mainstream America.

21:00How geopolitics have affected race relations among US citizens of different communities, and how fear-inducing media rhetoric has fueled the divide amongst Americans of different cultures.

28:18How music, art, travel, education, and experiencing culture can bring people together and work against the mainstream media narratives that enforce tribalism.

My narrative never mattered. Unless it was about martial arts or Chinese food, nobody’s checking for nothing.
— Bohan Phoenix

36:00Differences in how the media on both sides have handled issues without nuance, and how it has affected the minds of actual people in different countries.

44:30Bohan Phoenix – “but I still love you”

47:15Tribalism being played out on social media platforms.

52:30Shared appreciation of art and culture being the tool of the people to raise awareness and to reach people and bring perspective.

1:03:50Lack of diversity in the entertainment industry in America, more specifically Asian representation, stereotypical roles, and how this phenomena plays a part in society.

1:26:45MC Jin – “Stop the Hatred” ft. Wyclef Jean

Photos by William Griffith/Live Beijing Music

Editors Note: The opinions expressed by the guests on CROSS x TALK are their own and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of RADII.

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