Eating Music Record Label Drops First Official Compilation

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5:00 PM HKT, Sat October 13, 2018

Fresh tunes for your earholes here, folks.

Shanghai-based record label Eating Music dropped their first official compilation today, simply titled Eating Music Campilation Vol. 1 (the “camp” refers to the Eating Music Summer Camp, an intensive artist residency during which these tracks were produced).

Eating Music is the latest project of Shanghai music community hub Daily Vinyl. Their compilation tape provides a unique sonic collage — the artists’ styles span neo-soul, to funk, to the frontier of the experimental beats scene. Digital synthesizers rub elbows with SP-404 samplers and virtual saxophones for a diverse sound aesthetic. The breadth of styles present is definitely the result of the label’s emphasis on collaboration, something that Executive Producer and Founder Cookie Zhang explained to us in a recent interview.

In our conversation, she mentioned that having her artists collaborate to push each other to new places was a concept she considered fundamentally important. Looking at the tracklist of Eating Music’s first compilation — and at the weaving, intermingling, and recurring cast of artists — the label seems to be on the right track.

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