Golden State Warriors Unveil Rad China Uniform

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5:04 PM HKT, Thu December 28, 2017

Reigning NBA champs the Golden State Warriors have just unveiled a pretty awesome Chinese Heritage jersey, which the team will wear for “select games during the 2017-18 season.” A post on the Warriors page on explains:

The Bay Area has the top three out of five Asian populations in the U.S. (Oakland, San Francisco, and San Jose) and the new Chinese Heritage alternate uniform pays tribute to that strong Chinese culture and the prosperity that the region and the Warriors have enjoyed. The Chinese characters for prosperity are proudly placed on the waistline of the shorts as the chest logo combines the Golden Gate Bridge and classic symbolism. The suspension bridge detail, that has appeared on previous Warriors uniform Editions, remains on the shorts. “The Bay,” which appears on the front of the jersey, recognizes the importance of the entire Bay Area to the Warriors organization. In coming seasons, the Warriors will continue to use “The Bay” uniform highlighting a variety of heritages special and unique to the Bay Area.

“One suspects that if the Qianlong Emperor purchased an NBA franchise during one of his epic spending sprees that this would have been the uniform,” says our resident expert.

Check the Warriors’ full Chinese Heritage uniform schedule here, and cop some relevant merch at

Cover image: Warriors Team Store

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