Photographer Graeme Kennedy on Capturing ‘China From All Angles’

Being a photographer means Kennedy is privy to many behind-the-scenes stories from China

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11:00 PM HKT, Mon January 31, 2022 1 mins read

The second episode of RADII’s podcast China From All Angles welcomes our friend and frequent collaborator Graeme Kennedy, who has contributed several stunning photo essays and video series to our platform.

An explorer at heart, Kennedy left his birthplace of Canada at the age of 18. The photographer, who is presently based in Shanghai, has called China home for the past eight years. By documenting the everyday lives of Chinese people, he hopes to provide a multi-faceted picture of the country beyond Western news and politics.

Kennedy admits that his early knowledge of China was limited to air pollution in big cities, the Great Wall, and the popularity of the color red.

“The image of China I had before arriving here was very monotone. (Upon) coming here, it was an absolute bombardment of color and flavor and smell and taste and music and people.”

The self-taught photographer worked in marketing in the education sector before turning content creator for independent and respected brands, including China’s first craft gin Peddlers Gin.

In celebration of the Year of the Tiger, early 2022 saw Kennedy working in tandem with RADII and Peddlers Gin to create a new video series titled Spirit of the Tiger.

In this episode of China From All Angles, Kennedy discusses how his creative projects have allowed him to discover China’s diversity. He also discusses how sharing different narratives helps to deconstruct what ‘made in China’ means.

‘China From All Angles’ is brought to you by East-West Bank, the premier financial bridge between the US and China. Listen to the new podcast’s first episode on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Podcasts, SoundCloud, and 小宇宙.

Cover image designed by Haedi Yue

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