Watch: Here’s the Tea on “Green Tea Bitch”

The Chinese language has a long, long list of food-related metaphors - here's why nobody wants to be called a "green tea bitch"

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2:17 AM HKT, Wed July 24, 2019

Slang Dynasty is a series that unpacks the wide world of Chinese regional slang, internet colloquialisms, and assorted street-level jargon.

On episode 7 of RADII’s Slang Dynasty series, RADII editorial intern Monisha Pillai shares a term which originated amongst Chinese netizens in 2013 and has now joined the lexicon of popular Chinese internet slang.

Lv cha biao 绿茶婊”, or “green tea bitch” first appeared in Chinese internet circles to describe a swath of women attending the Hainan Rendezvous, a high-end luxury trade show held in Sanya, in order to make “inappropriate” trades with China’s wealthy elite. It has since been criticized for being sexist and unfair.

To break it down, this slang term describes women who adopt an innocent and pure persona around men whom they find potentially useful in the sense of money and/or power. But, in reality, they leverage their fake personality to manipulate others for personal or material gain.

To find out more about this term, check out the video below:

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